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The QL4 QuarterLites are replacing fluorescent tubes in internal and external advertising signs, company names and billboard signs. They are suitable for use in:-

  • Fascia signs
  • Direction signs
  • 6-Sheet adverting signs
  • Flex-face signs
  • Menu signs
  • 48 / 96 sheet signs
  • Circular signs
  • Illuminated letters
  • Advertising illuminated single side, double sided and scrolling
  • Illuminated Company name signs
  • Internal illuminated signs
  • Billboards
  • Any illuminated signs over 80 mm deep

QL4 QuarterLite

  • High performance lighting
  • Save 65% + of energy
  • Life expectancy 50,000 + hours
  • Maintenance free
  • Reduces C02 and carbon emissions
  • No bulb or tube disposal costs
  • Easy to retro-fit into existing signs
  • Dramatic reductions in energy consumption that translate in dramatic euro savings
  • Significant reductions in the hidden and ongoing costs of maintenance and upkeep
  • Thinner light boxes that save space and enhance consumer experience
  • Improvements in the effect of advertising through brighter and more even illumination
  • Meeting consumer and regulatory demands for environmentally friendly retailing

Whether you require assistance with the design of a new back lit sign or wish to upgrade your existing signs, Expedio Lighting Ltd can help.

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