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Expedio Lighting Limited


Our planet is facing a very real threat of climate change, caused primarily by human activity. Every year we release more and more greenhouse gases in to the atmosphere, despite our goal to reduce our carbon footprint. The burning of fossil fuels and our reliance on coal and oil to feed our need for power has left the planet in peril.

Expedio Lighting Ltd is committed to reducing our demand for power whilst at the same time providing light to everyone. It is estimated that lighting is responsible for 3000 million tons of carbon emissions annually.

Changing to LED lighting would reduce this by almost 70% and reduce our dependency on coal and oil fired power stations.

Expedio Lighting Ltd manufactures, distributes, installs and provides a design service for LED light fixtures for illuminated signs. LED's consume far less energy than incandescent bulbs.

Individual LEDs are beginning to challenge compact florescent bulbs in lumens per watt. LEDs also last longer providing in excess of 50,000 hours before burning out which results in reducing maintenance costs. Additionally there is no messy mercury recycling problem as is the case with CFLs.

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